A summary and analysis of lines 1251 and 2300 of beowulf

He had not intended to steal, but was so shocked when he saw the dragon he panicked and ran off with the goblet. In the morning, everyone is shocked and horrified by the destruction that Grendel caused.

He also put up quite a fight when Hygelac died in Frisia; Beowulf escaped by defeating many of the enemy in close combat, carrying off the war gear of 30 men. The dragon, who was driven to search out and guard such hoards, discovered the buried treasure.

He is succeeded by Halfdane, a warlord who has three sons, Heorogar, Hrothgar, and Halga, and one daughter. Unferth abandons any thought of taunting Beowulf and another feast is ordered by Hrothgar in celebration of the rebirth of Herot, which will once again be the home of the Danish warriors.

There is turmoil in Heorot as the news spreads.

Beowulf Lines 1,251–1,650 Summary and Analysis

No man knows how deep it is. Now that guy knows how to throw a party. As this speech demonstrates, an awareness of death pervades Beowulf. In a brief flashback, the poet recalls how, through his prodigious swimming ability, Beowulf escaped from the battle in which Hygelac was killed.

When Beowulf hears the bad news he falls into deep distress. It would be simplistic to assume that any upcoming problem would be in the political area; the foreshadowing seems to deal more with the character one exhibits in his quest for glory, since the protagonist of each poem was involved in just such a quest.

The scop sings again, and Beowulf is praised until nightfall. He will be well rewarded if he succeeds. In this speech, Beowulf explicitly characterizes revenge as a means to fame and glory, which make reputations immortal.

Plotting his revenge against the dragon, he orders the construction of an all-iron shield. When she falls upon and seizes a sleeping man, the noise wakes the others. This is the third and last great challenge for Beowulf, and it reveals the structure of the epic.

Beowulf: Line:1251-1382

He presents Beowulf with prizes of a golden banner, a helmet, a coat of mail, an ancient sword, and eight horses. Accompanied by his kinsman Wiglaf, ten warriors, and the thief, Beowulf sets out to confront the dragon.

Beowulf Summary

Then Hrothgar tells of a haunted mere, where at night the water burns. The country people say the ancestry of Grendel and his mother is hidden in a past of demons and ghosts. Cite This Page Florman, Ben.

She pounces on Aeschere, Hrothgar's most trusted friend, with the intention of taking him back to the fens. Beowulf could have become king sooner but was more loyal than ambitious.

He tells Beowulf what he has heard from his advisers about those two monsters.

Beowulf Lines 836–1,250 Summary and Analysis

The queen is saying that there are no plots, no whispers in Herot that night and that she has faith in both Hrothgar and Beowulf; but, then again, it seems unnecessary to reaffirm her faith in the king and the savior of her land.

Onela killed Geat King Heardred. In fact, Grendel shows up almost every night, hunting down Danes and murdering them. Heardred's story is told later.

Beowulf: Line:2200-2396

Grendel's mother looks vaguely like a woman. Beowulf enters the lake, and swims for hours before reaching her cave at the bottom. In storms, it throws up columns of dirty water to the sky. Devastated with grief over the loss of his friend and counselor, Hrothgar summons Beowulf and explains what has occurred.

Eventually, Heorot Hall is abandoned; everyone has been killed or fled. Wiglaf chastises the men for abandoning their lord. The Danes return to Herot. Refusing to do so seems insane, because otherwise how would the killing ever stop?

Unferth makes a gift of Hrunting to Beowulf. Mythology intrudes on history again with the coming of this fifty-foot fire-breathing dragon. Sometimes God and wyrd are virtually interchangeable in the poem, possibly the result of Christian substitution.

To make clear that the struggle between Beowulf and the monsters is one of good against evil in a Christian context, he points out-harping back to the earlier episode-that Beowulf overcame Grendel through his faith in God lines It is the slave who leads them to the proper place.

He then forced his enemies into a peace treaty and was, eventually, murdered by them.Beowulf dresses for battle and prepares to search the lake for the enemy. Unferth humbles himself by presenting Beowulf with his great sword, Hrunting.

The Geat hero speaks what may be his final words. Beowulf: Line, Free Study Guides and book notes including comprehensive chapter analysis, complete summary analysis, author biography information, character profiles, theme analysis, metaphor analysis, and top ten quotes on classic literature.

Analysis. Grendel's mother embodies the theme of revenge as she buries her grief in an assault on Heorot. Again the Beowulf poet reminds us that she is a descendant of Cain; but there is something very human about her motivation, which John Gardner explores compassionately in his novel Grendel ().

Although she is smaller and weaker than her son and lacks his magical protection from weapons.

Beowulf: Line:1251-1382

Beowulf Summary and Analysis of Lines Buy Study Guide. Summary: As the Danes slumber, another sinister monster trudges toward Heorot. It is Grendel's mother, who is also dammed to spend eternity in the dark moors.

She has passed the day mourning for her dead son, and she comes to Heorot seeking vengeance for his death. When she. Need help with The Dragon (Lines –) in Anonymous's Beowulf? Check out our revolutionary side-by-side summary and analysis. Beowulf The Dragon (Lines –) Summary & Analysis from LitCharts | The creators of SparkNotes.

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A summary and analysis of lines 1251 and 2300 of beowulf
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